Elvira B. Lapuz

Elvira B. Lapuz. Head of the Acquisitions Section of the Main Library of UP Diliman and a Lecturer at the UP Institute of Library and Information Science (UPILIS). She obtained her BLS and MLS from the UPILIS and topped the First Librarians’ Board Exam in 1992. She was a recipient of a 3-month VLIR Scholarship, sponsored by the Government of Belgium, wherein she participated in STIMULATE3 (Scientific and Technological Information Management for Universities and Libraries-An Active Training Environment 2003) held in Brussels, Belgium. She also participated the 70th IFLA World Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2004. Recently, she attended Session 439 of Salzburg Seminar on "New Information Networks: Challenges and Opportunities for Business and Governments" (13-18 March 2007) on a Freeman Foundation Grant. Then between 12 November to 7 December 2007, she participated at the Workshop on Information Literacy and IT held at Victoria University Library, Wellington, New Zealand on an IFLA ALP Scholarship Grant.

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